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SBLC (SAARC Business Leaders Conclave)

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Roundtable on SAFTA :
20th , 21th april 2010
  Seminar on "Trade facilitation in South Asia: Prospects and challenges for regional integration"   Lecture Series, Regional Economic Integration: Deepening of SAFTA March 2nd 2010   47 EC & 14th GA
Roundtable on SAFTArade in Services was organize   Trade Facilitation   46th EC Meeting of SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry   48th EC & 15 GA
Seminar Pictures 2009   The SAARC CCI presidency from Pakistan has been hand over to Bangladesh in Grand Ceremony organized by FBCCI in Dhaka on 17th Jan   26th SAARC Charter Day   SAARC CCI delegation calls on H.E. Secretary General, SAARC
LEAD 2012: Youth in Rising South Asia: Promises and Dreams, Dhaka, Bangladesh   53rd & 17th General Assembly Meeting of SAARC CCI   54th Executive Committee Meeting of SAARC CCI   7th Meeting of Group of Experts on SAFTA
President SAARC CCI Calls on H.E. Secretary General, SAARC   SAARC CCI Conference on Energy, Climate Change and Water Management in South   55th Executive Committee Meeting of SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry   SAARC CCI Conference on “Climate Change and Energy Cooperation in South Asia”
The 56th Executive Committee Meeting of SAARC CCI   Trade Facilitation in South Asia: Addressing barriers to foster Trade Chain   SAARC CCI Delegation Calls on to Hon’ble Basil Rajapaksa, Minister of Economic Development, Govt of Sri Lanka   Institutional Capacity Building Workshop
Energy Cooperation in South Asia: Commitments & New dimensions   27th Anniversary of SAARC & Seminar on “Trade and Investment: New Dawn in South Asian Integration”   SAARC Charter Day Celebration by SAARC CCI & FICCI   Strategy Roundtable on SAARC CCI
Seminar on Financial Cooperation in South Asia: Challenges and Prospects   The 57th Executive Committee Meeting and 18th General Assembly of SAARC CCI   H.E. Ahmed Saleem, Secretary General SAARC addresses the Executive Members of SAARC Chamber   World Intellectual Property Day Celebrations - 2013
8th China-South Asia Business Forum (CSABF)   4th Sichuan-South Asia Business Promotion Seminar   Five Member Indian Delegation Calls on to Hon’ble Prime Minister of Pakistan   58th Executive Meeting of SAARC CCI
Young Entrepreneur’s’ summit- South Asia (YES-SA) 2013   The Emergent Meeting of SAARC CCI   30th SAARC Charter Day Celebration   Highlights of the Events

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