Privileges / Benefits & Incentives for Members
Members can have access to World of opportunities i.e. from networking with the corporate majors of SAARC member countries and global industry to assisting in framing economic and industrial policies, through close linkage with the government. SAARC CCI’s proactive approach focuses on helping you increase efficiency and competitiveness.

1- Access /dissemination of information and Publicity in the region
  • Directory of Members with company profile and advertisement
  • Access to publications and reports on a wide range of subjects and activities
  • Free distribution of SAARC Biz Newsletter, A Monthly update on Business News, activities, events etc
  • Advertisement opportunity in SAARC Biz Newsletter
  • Regional and foreign offices providing assistance at all levels
  • Get information of seminars/programs through email, fax, telephone and postage
  • Receive advance notice, early reservation service, and discounted registration fees on SAARC CCI events and programs

2- Business Opportunities
  • Participation in trade fairs & exhibitions
  • Develop business through buyer – seller Fora
  • Be a part of business delegation at international Forums

3- Women Specific Opportunities
  • Participation in SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council
  • Trainings for Promoting Gender Equality
  • Seminars for Empowerment of Women
  • Credit Guarantee Fund Facility
  • Creation of greater market opportunities, design and deliver integrated solutions for business development
  • Support and expansion of the operations of SMEs through increased access to local, regional and global markets.

4- Platform for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Platform for closer contacts and interactions between young entrepreneurs in South Asia for regional fellowship and cooperation
  • Providing out-of-the-classroom education through ideas, experience sharing, discussions, and interactions with business professionals across South Asia.
  • Summits aimed at sharing best corporate strategies and empowering positive business thinking

5- Networking
  • Platform to interact with other members, institutions, state & central governments
  • Fora to meet global business and political leaders
  • Participation in topical seminars, training programmes, conferences and meeting
  • Meet and network with South Asian business community, academicians, research professionals, marketing agencies and media personals
  • Business to Business (B2B) meetings

6- Visa Facilitation
  • Get Visa Facilitation from SAARC CCI to easily grow and move your business with in the region.

7- SAARC Visa Exemption Stickers (SVES)
  • SAARC Visa Exemption Stickers (SVES) facility only for those who meet criteria i.e. fall under 200 leading businessman category and EC/MC member of National Chamber/Federation of the respective country or member EC, SAARC CCI.

8- Web Services
  • Information on important events organized by SAARC CCI and other activities, press releases, advertisement, partner hotels, membership etc.
  • Advertisement opportunity on website

9- Involvement in Policy Work
  • Participation in different National Policy making and Policy Committees
  • Expert advice on government legislations, regulations, etc.
  • Provides information on export and import.
  • Provides information for technology collaboration and investment
  • Undertakes research studies

10- Accommodation in Hotels at discounted rates
  • Availability of room/ accommodation at discounted rates in SAARC CCI partner hotels throughout the region.

11- Publications/ Research Studies
  • Access to research studies and market information related to the South Asian Countries

12- Participation in SAARC CCI Events (region and abroad)
  • Opportunity to participate in fairs/exhibitions and similar events under SAARC CCI umbrella

13- Arbitration
  • SAARC Arbitration Council, Islamabad (SARCO) is mandated to provide a legal framework/forum for fair and efficient settlement of commercial, industrial, trade, banking, investment and such other disputes
  • Enables the parties to a dispute from different legal and cultural backgrounds to resolve their disputes, without the formalities of going through a judicial process