Youth Entrepreneurs

The youth bulge in the pyramid of population of South Asia make it one of the most dynamic region for the economic development and prosperity, however the youth of the region still lack adequate opportunities to endow their share in the development of the South Asian region.

The need of hour is to motivate, channelize and coach the youth of the region and enable them to be an employer rather than an employee. I urge all the both private and public sector of the SAARC member nations to save such enormous potential of the youth by providing them opportunities of education and employment.

In order make the youth of South Asian region an impetus of growth we need to foster entrepreneurial eco-systems to generate employment opportunities for the youth. There is need to embody institutions to develop incubator and execute programs to foster youth entrepreneurship by formulating mechanisms of provision of seed capital loans , mentoring and monitoring for the youth.

Major focus should be on youth, which constitutes 35% population of South Asia. Youth has potential and energy, but entrepreneurship has not begun to bring the talent and vision due to lack of capital. Mentors will be created who will invest and guide these entrepreneurs. This in return, we believe, will create another 2000 jobs. Youth should be encouraged to take risk, they should be provided with opportunities to build leadership and management for sustainable development. They should be viewed as allies in development, rather than as beneficiaries.

Students should be taught skills related to operational and management, and they have enough resources to operate their own business.

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