Reports 2023

SAARC CCI Reports 2023 Export Diversification – Challenges and Opportunities for Bangladesh Exporting for Growth Leading Sectors for Pakistan

Reports 2005

SAARC CCI Reports 2005 Regional Workshop on WTO Tourism Marketing Conference Conference on SAFTA Joint Communique on SAARC Tourism Cooperation SAARC Business Leader Conclave SBLC

Reports 2006

SAARC CCI Reports 2006 SAFTA Opportunities and Challenges Regional Roundtable on Trade Liberalization SAARC Chamber Craft Village Delegation to Geneva

Reports 2007

SAARC CCI Reports 2007 Power Sector South Asia Destination SAARC II SAARC Business Leaders Conclave II

Reports 2008

SAARC CCI Reports 2008 Mid Term Report Regional Trade in South Asia

Reports 2009

SAARC CCI Reports 2009 Lecture Series 3rd SAARC Buisness Conclave Leader SAARC Young Entreprenuers Forum in year 2009

Reports 2010

SAARC CCI Reports 2010 Young Entrepreneur Forum Vision 2020 Roundup On 16th SAARC Summit Economic Freedom in South Asia Tourism in South Asia Potential and Oppertunaties SAFTA Report Roundtable on Safata: a precursor to 16th SAARC Summit Seminar on Trade Facilitation in South Asia Key Proposals for Harnessing Business Opportunities in South Asia

Reports 2011

SAARC CCI Reports 2011 Magnitude & Determinants of the Flows of Investment among South Asian Countries Regional Integration through Tourism Promotion in South Asia Regional Connectivity in South Asia Economic Freedom & Business Environment in South Asia Indo – Pakistan Economic Cooperation

Reports 2012

SAARC CCI Reports 2012 Climate Change issues in South Asia Energy Policy in South Asia Term Report 2010-11 4th SBLC Report Exploring Investment Opportunities in India Trade Facilitation in South Asia