Capacity Building Workshop 2022

SCWEC Nepal Chapter conducted a two-day workshop for women entrepreneurs of Nepal who needed a boost in their start-ups. The workshop was supported by SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNST).

The objective of the workshop was to identify actions and projects that will promote the entrepreneurial activities of women, evaluate and access the needs of women entrepreneurs, and establish training programs aimed at improving the skills and management aptitudes of women entrepreneurs.

Ms. Sarojani Sherchan, Vice Chairperson SCWEC (Nepal Chapter) welcomed the participants of the workshop. In her welcome note, she stressed the current SME situation in Nepal. “SMEs contribute around 22% of the GDP and generate around 1.7 million jobs. It is considered the backbone of national development. While the challenges for SMEs to access finance have been discussed many times, including in the recent report by the Central Bank of Nepal, there has been little discussion on understanding small businesses’ internal challenges to sustain and grow, therefore we need to organize such workshops and training programs for a better understanding and to enhance the skills of women to excel in the public sector”, said Ms. Sherchan.

Addressing the inaugural session, Mr. Chandi Raj Dhakal, Vice President SCCI (Nepal Chapter) spoke about the success, and longevity of SMEs which are deeply linked with the efficiency of internal and external decision-making processes.

The workshop was attended by 45 women entrepreneurs who were moderated by renowned trainers, Ms. Sushama Sharma, Managing Director, Himalayan Tranquility and Mr. Kashyap Shakya, Co-Founder Pycus Holdings Pvt. Ltd. and Co-Founder of Allied Food Industry. The workshop was also addressed by Mr. Kashyap Shakya, Co-Founder Pycus Holdings Pvt. Ltd. and Co-Founder Allied Food Industry, Ms. Sushama Sharma, Managing Director, Himalayan Tranquility, Ms. Jyotsna Sainju, Emcee SCWEC Nepal National Council Member, Ms. Luna Shrestha Thakur, EC Member, SCWEC (Nepal Chapter), and Ms. Basanti Mishra Pradhan, EC Member, SCWEC (Nepal Chapter).

Day two comprised of the plenary session on successful stories of International Women Entrepreneurs which was moderated by Executive Committee Member, Ms. Basanti Mishra Pradhan. The session panelists were Mr. Chayaa Nanjappa Rajappa from India, Ms. Kohinoor Yeasmin from Bangladesh, and Ms. Sahar Iqbal from Pakistan.

The workshop facilitated the participants and equipped them with the tools and strategies to enhance their business even in times of pandemics. The high degree of interactivity of the audience with the workshop trainers made the program highly successful.

The workshop concluded with closing remarks of Mr. Chandi Raj Dhakal, Vice President SCCI and Ms. Sarojani Sherchan, Vice Chairperson, SCWEC (Nepal Chapter) along with certificates distribution.