South Asian - Sichuan Promotion Conference

The South Asia – Sichuan Business Promotion Round-Table Seminar / Conference is initiative of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)- Chengdu, in collaboration with South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) Chamber of Commerce and Industry  to encourage development of multilateral businesses and investment avenues between Sichuan and the SAARC member countries and their enterprises.
i) Objective:
The initiative aimed to synergize the cooperation efforts between Chengdu, Sichuan and Western China and South Asian countries to discuss the way forward to strengthen ties to improve cooperation and business mechanisms between South Asian and Sichuan enterprises.
ii) Background:
SAARC CCI and CCPIT-Chengdu have initiated this roundtable to enrich the trade and business ties between China and SAARC member states. The joint cooperation to host this prestigious event every year was an outcome of SAARC CCI mechanism with CCPIT Kunming.
Till 2017, SAARC CCI & CCPIT- Chengdu has successfully hosted eight (8) editions of South Asian Sichuan- Sichuan Promotion Conference.
Approximately 400 plus government representatives, business industry association delegates and business professionals from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan China, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka attended both conferences.  Myanmar & Laos, are also part of this conference.
iii) SAARC CCI MoU with CCPIT-Sichuan:
SAARC CCI & CCPIT-Sichuan has initiated cooperation back in year 2009. However no formal MoU has been signed to enhance cooperation till to date. An attempt was made to sign MoU with CCPIT- Sichuan to provide a legal cover to boost the bilateral cooperation between the regions in 2014 which was turned down by the President of SAARC CCI at that time, Mr. Asif Ismail.
However during SAARC CCI Presidential delegation recent visit to Chengdu, China, Mr. Ruwan Edirisinghe, President, SAARC CCI proposed to sign MoU with CCPIT-Sichuan to further synergies the mutual cooperation.  
iv) Chair of the Seminar/ Conference:
The chair of Chengdu seminar also rotates among SAARC Member states on yearly basis.  This year the Chair of seminar is with Sri Lanka.

v) MoU with CAFTEC:
To capitalizing socio – economic and investment synergies, In year 2017, SAARC CCI signed MoU with Chengdu Association for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAFTEC).
Under this MoU, the CAFTEC organized first South Asia Production Capacity Dialogue in November, 2017. SAARC CCI President led a business delegation to participate in South Asian dialogue.
vi) MoU with OBOR Secretariat:
SAARC CCI also signed MoU with OBOR (one Belt One Road) Secretariat. The MoU was signed with an objective to enhance collaboration on the One Belt One Road initiative, between Chengdu, Sichuan, and its member South Asian countries.
The cooperation between SAARC CCI & CCPIT Chengdu has reached to level that SAARC CCI has been offered to open sub office in OBOR building in Chengdu to boost the trade relation between China and Members states.
Details of the office space assigned to SAARC CCI for opening of Sub- Office in Chengdu, China.

Sr. Details Amount
1 Area Available for SAARC CCI sub office: 36.7sqm,
2 Monthly service charge RMB 800
3 Property service fees collected by the property management company RMB 920
4 Expected salary expense for resource person US$ 1000

 vii) CITC and Pavilion Detail:
Chengdu International Trade City (CITC) is international market place in Chengdu City, managed by CAFTEC to strengthen penetration of Chinese products into world trade markets. The CAFTEC team facilitated the visit and SAARC CCI delegation and has offered space in the Chengdu International Trade City (CITC) for South Asian SME sector.
A space of 500 Square feet has been offered to SAARC CCI free of cost, to strengthen penetration of South Asian SME sector into Chinese markets.
In Sept, 2017, Sichuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association and SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Entrepreneur Forum signed an MOU, aiming to promote entrepreneurship of the two sides in regional economic, social and environmental sustainable development. Both the organization hasn’t initiated any joint event to support the objective of MoU till to date.
viii) Seminar Audience:

The Political leaders and industry elites from China and South Asian countries have been invited to open dialogue for enhanced mutual collaboration at various session of the seminar.  The cooperation plays a revolutionary role in promoting mutual business to business linkages and setting up a way forward for to China- South Asia cooperation.

ix) Western China International Fair Import:
2nd Western China International Fair Import is sideline event of promotional seminar.  Exhibitors from more than 28 countries participate in this fair. Usually from SAARC member states Exhibitors from Handicraft sector participate in this event.
SAARC CCI has requested CAFTEC and CCPIT-Sichuan to offer free booths or booth with 50% discount to SAARC CCI, so that exhibitors from Member states may encourage participation in the said event.
x) Industrial Strength of Sichuan Province:  
Sichuan Province is known for its heavy industry including coal, energy, iron and steel.  The province has also established a light industrial sector comprising building materials, wood processing, food and silk processing. Chengdu also host production centers for textiles and electronics products. Great strides have been made in developing Sichuan into a modern hi-tech industrial base, by encouraging both domestic and foreign investments in electronics and information technology (such as software), machinery and metallurgy (including electric automobiles), hydropower, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

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