Membership Types

Intuitional Members:
The Institutional Members shall be those National Level Confederations or Federations other than those specified inArtical-3(a) and shall contribute USD 10,000 as membership fee. The Founding or the Primary Member share for Nominating Members for both EC and GA will be 70 percent and the Institutional Member share would be 30 percent as and when applicable in the countries where there is more than one member ship.

Corporate Members:
This membership is open to corporate entities having a minimum turnover of Fifty (50) Million USD per annum in case of developed countries and Five(5) Million USD in case of under developed countries and has physical presence in any one of the SAARC countries will have the right to attend both EC and GA meetings.

Patron Member:
This Category of Membership is Open to those Individuals or Corporate entities who have excelled or specialized in any specific field likely to benefit the region as whole or improve the life of individuals in any SAARC Country.

Life Member:
This type of membership is open to business person (both male and female) and over Sixty Years of age. They can attend EC meetings as observers.

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